About Us

About Us!

Pioneer  Mumbai Branch is a confluence of a long standing company (Pioneer Agencies, which was predominantly catering to the Southern parts of the country) and Mr. Sanjay Nair, based in Mumbai, who is a thorough professional in import trade. The purpose was to strengthen the company by tapping Government related clearing and forwarding business from Mumbai region.

Mr. Sanjay Nair has a great personal and first-hand experience in clearing and forwarding handling security related goods for various Government Agencies while in association with highly reputed CHAs in Mumbai. His invaluable experience and expertise is a personal asset of Mr. Sanjay Nair and not of any CHA, which Pioneer Agencies decided to make use by co-opting him with Pioneer Agencies. Hence, eventhough Mr. Sanjay Nair has personally cleared and forwarded highly sensitive goods for various Government Agencies while in service of other CHAs in Mumbai. Enclosed is a list of such goods cleared from Mumbai Customs and forwarded to various Government Agencies.